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Reverend Janet Driscoll - International Medium and Clairvoyant, working home and abroad. giving demonstrations of Mediumship in spiritual Centres, Spiritual consultations, Aura readings, Tarot readings, seminars and running spiritual development groups. Also a Spiritual Healer and Trainer, and a Reiki Seichim Master. Plus a Minister for Alternative Services


Spritualism, Spiritual Healing,  Reiki,  Sekhem,  Mediums,  Aura & Tarot readings

Janet was born 15 May 1944 in York , Yorkshire , England and has been mediumistic from been a child. In 1974 a move to Devon England changed Janet’s life when she became involved with the local Spiritualist Centre. She joined the committee and worked periodically as Secretary, Treasurer, and became the Centres President until 1995.  At the same time Janet was developing her Healing and Mediumistic gifts, and began to run development groups, at the Centre.

In 1981 Janet started the Light Colour Centre. This enabled her to run meditation, psychic development, and healing groups at her home.

Over the past thirty years Janet has been giving demonstrations to the general public of life after death, Workshops, and Sunday Services in Spiritual Centres in England and abroad. 

Through recommendations, and a rare gift, she is able to work with a variety of translators. 

 Janet has worked at Centres, on the continent especially in Basel Switzerland , and was the first Spiritualist medium to give a Sunday Service on the Algarve in Portugal .

 Janet gave a demonstration proving life after death.  On South West Television England . The programme was called the (Mysterious West), and was filmed at Teignmouth Spiritualist Church in Devon .

In 1998 Janet challenged James Randi the world’s biggest psychic sceptic and had an article in the Psychic News.

On several occasions Janet has been asked to investigate houses, cottages, act, to see if there are any ghost or poltergeist activities. If there are any earth bound spirits Janet sends them to the light.

The most recent ghost hunt was at Powderham Castle in Devon England at the request of the daily mail in London , for their property magazine.

In 1998 Janet became an Ordained Minister of the Alliance of Divine Love Ministry Florida.

Over the past eight years Janet’s work has taken her to Centres in Atlanta , North Carolina , and Gainesville Florida U.S.A.

September 19th 2004 Janet was on BBC Radio Devon on Good Morning Devon interviewed by Vic Morgan in a debate on Mediumship & Spiritualism and Christianity.  



Alliance of Divine Love
Ordained Minister and Ministerial Trainer

Universal Association of Healers
Full member and practicing healer and healer trainer

Spiritualist National Union
The Phenomena of Spiritualism

Spiritualist National Union
The Teaching of Spiritualism

British School of Yoga
Diploma Colour Therapist

Iris School of colour
Colour as a Healing Art

The Awareness Centre
Reiki & Seichem Master

Association of Stress Consultants
Diploma Professional Stress consultant

Janet Driscoll
52 Torquay Road
Newton Abbot, Devon
TQ12 2HY

Telephone 01626 369656



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